Through Her Eyes

As she opened her eyes she suddenly felt her life in shambles with a kick of reality as she began to realize this is only the beginning Stage’s of what this crazy life has to offer after recovery. This is just the beginning…

“It gets tougher before it gets better” as everyone stressed to her.

“You don’t know what your talking about! You’ll see!” she said. It was the craziest feeling…. Love was not one of them. Having to rediscover who you are is a full time task with depression. Her biggest fear was losing self- esteem as she always kept her top priority.

Suddenly she discovered she wasn’t the only person who suffers from this crazy disease of unhappiness, as she began to relate to others.

This seat is open! The gentlemen politely allowed her to sit next to him as they shared their experiences in therapy.

On the contrary of her therapy, She would close her eyes and go somewhere else in her head.

Being somewhere else was like being away from everything including life itself. Until she came to the conclusion the only way to solve what’s disturbing her is to keep her eyes open and stay present in the moment.