CryptoCones NFT Traits Explained

Generative NFT art for the new CryptoConesNFT project

“I can’t believe we used to wear some of this stuff”
Dom Moreci

Each generative NFT project has unique and usually super cool traits that make up the final NFT. The CryptoCones traits are all pulled from retro 80’s, 90’s, (and some 70’s) pop culture, iconic characters, and media. Bandannas, mohawks, jackets, suits, iconic eyeglasses and sunglasses and more will all come together algorithmically to create 5500 unique CryptoCones. I can’t wait to see the final set!

This is only the first half of the CryptoCones project. And we have plans to produce more #Retrosphere inspired NFT projects throughout the coming year and beyond. Follow along at CryptoConesNFT on Twitter.

Headphones: These are important headphones. Historical, iconic even. The traits will each include original model numbers so holders can check out the inspiration behind each headphone.


Fedoras: Way before JT wore one, fedoras adorned the heads of Hip-Hop Stars, Ska Bands and New Wavers alike.

Mohawks: Mohawks came of age in the UK punk scene. We all wanted one and all our moms said “no”. Eventually (regrettably) they morphed into the universally loathed y2k Faux hawk.

Shaggy Hair: Messy, unkempt. A parents embarrassment. Call it emo, call it grunge, most of us just let our shaggy hair flow back in the day.

Spiked Hair: Can you say hair gel? My own hair was so full of product, so crunchy and stiff It held its shape overnight. It was just shy of spray glue.

Bandanas: There is one retro accessory that unified everyone — from Hair Bands to Gangsta Rappers to Cowboys — and that was the bandana. And it continues today. Just go to Coachella…

Beanies: The beanie hat is ubiquitous and really became a fashionable accessory in the early 90’s. They are fun, they are cool, but also keep your head warm. So that’s something.

Glasses: CryptoCones feature iconic (Iconeic?) eyewear straight from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Made famous by unforgettable movie characters, larger-than-life personalities and pop stars.

  • Tyler: The first rule of Fight Club…
  • Ferris: Bueller? Bueller?
  • RiskyBiz: Just take those old records off the shelf!
  • CSM101: I’ll be back
  • Montana: Say hello to my little friend
  • Kurt: Looks like teen spirit
  • Shutter: These were cool way before Kanye wore them
  • Cazel: The microphone master DMC
  • Jackie: A fashion icon
  • 3d: Felt like every other movie in the 80’s and 90’s was in 3d
  • Lolita: A classic. Also a little creepy.
  • Topgun: I feel the need for speed
  • Morpheus: What is real?
  • Nerd: One of many nerd-styles
  • Dale: As worn by Ducky

Mouths: CryptoCones are capable of displaying a full range of emotions. Just like teenagers.

Inspired by retro 80’s / 90’s and some 70’s fashion and pop culture. Some directly align to film characters and pop-icons, and some represent the fashion we used to wear. Every outfit, jacket, shirt and graphic has history and meaning to us.


Hoodies: Who didn’t own a hoodie? Or 12? Another staple of street fashion that everyone wore and still wears. There’s no better way to advertise your brand loyalty than on a hoodie.

Pixel Icons (hoodies only!)
Everything old is new again. The “new” Pixel Art Style that everyone loves started with just as few bits blinking on screens playing Pong and Space Invaders. Each icon is inspired by the original 8, 16 and 32 bit pixel creations that came into existence during the dawn of the arcade and computer age.

  • RockOn
  • Sunset
  • Island Palm
  • NES
  • Macintosh
  • Earth
  • Game Over
  • Lips
  • Flamingo
  • Floppy
  • Deathstar
  • Boombox
  • Yin Yang
  • Heart
  • Cassette
  • Peace
  • Alien
  • Skull
  • Invader
  • Gunship

Tees: In the world of CryptoCones all media, all pop-culture is created by and for Cones. Cone TV shows, Cone Movies, Cone Music, all feature the CryptoCones population. So naturally, all logo-tees reflect this reality.

  • The Cone Wars: “A New Hope” was life-altering
  • CO/NE: Back in black
  • Beastie Cones: The funky monkey
  • Cheers: Where every cone knows your name
  • Straight Outa Crypto: Ok, not technically 80’s, but certainly iconic
  • Foley: Phys Ed. Dept.
  • Friends: I’ll be a cone for you
  • Cruz: Possibly the king of skate brands
  • Jaws: Ruined the beach life of an entire generation.
  • DARE: Keep your kids on crypto
  • Nevermind: Come as you are
  • Coneamania: What are you gonna do when it runs over you brotha?
  • Cona Cola: Remember “new” Coke?

Legends (jerseys): We all had our pro teams and those teams had legends.

  • John (Broncos #7) Gotta represent our Colorado connection
  • Joe (Niners #16) Good lord, the 1980s’ 49ers were amazing. My home team!
  • Larry (Celtics #33) One third of a legendary rivalry
  • Michael (Bulls #23) Arguably the most famous jersey number
  • Irvin (Lakers #32) He was, well, magic.


  • Oldskool: Track Jackets. Ok I admit to breakdancing a bit back in the day. It was an unwritten rule that you couldn’t hit that linoleum without this. 3 Color variations. And 25% will come with an extra special gold chain!
  • Durden: Tyler’s Fight Club looks were a study in Vintage Cool. And blood stains.
  • Kung Fu Dragon: Enter The Dragon! Who didn’t take Karate or KungFu back then? I know I tried. Red and Green variations.
  • Boss: Power Suited Yuppie or American Psycho? You decide.
  • Wall Street: If the 80’s bought us anything, it’s that greed is good. Not sure that’s a great lesson though.
  • Ska Checkers: 1985 or so EVERYTHING was checkered. You can thank Madness, The English Beat, and The Specials for making it cool. Red and Grey variations.
  • Letterman Jackets: In the past 100 years the basic Letterman jacket hasn’t changed much, so let’s call them classic. 3 Variations representing the colors of the CryoptoCones’ team’s kid’s High Schools. That was quite an excessive use of apostrophes.
  • Pea Coat: I still have one from decades ago. They never go out of style.
  • Rockers: It’s Rock-n-roll ya pukes! Clashing animal patterns, mixed fabrics, and so many scarves! From metal to glam and everything in between. 2 rocker variants available.
  • M’donna: It’s a massive understatement to say that the Queen of Pop had a major influence on fashion. Almost overnight billions of high school and college girls were wearing mesh or lace with rosary necklaces and fingerless gloves. It was a good time to be a young dude.
  • Chico: The “Cholo” look was huge with my friends. When Colors came out in theaters it brought that look to every corner of the suburbs.
  • Vice: Who wears a pastel suit jacket over a tee shirt? Don friggin’ Johnson, that’s who.
  • Moto: Behold, the infamous Motorcycle Jacket, originally made famous by Marlon and Dean in the 50’s and 60’s. You saw it in Grease, you saw it on the Terminator, and you saw it on everyone else. No actual motorcycle or toughness required.
  • The B3 Bomber: Every dude in the early 90’s had a bomber jacket and every dude’s girlfriend stole it from him.
  • Color Block Windbreaker: Who thought this was a good idea? Of course back then, everyone had one. So whoever came up with it is probably laughing at our old pictures all the way to the bank.
  • Ducky: Dale, Ducky Dale. If Pretty in Pink was one of the most iconic 80’s movies, then Ducky was one of the most iconic characters. Ducky’s awesome thrift-shop style would make Macklemore proud.
  • Polo Style Shirts: La Tigre, Polo, OP, Izod. Some wore 2 at a time. Sometimes under a suit jacket. Collar up or collar down. Solids, stripes, sailboats, beaches. So many options… 2 Variations available
  • OG Denim: Dr. Dre and most of NWA made these HUGE in my younger days. Still hella popular with modern hip-hoppers too.
  • Army Jacket: You HAD to have one back then. Short jackets, camo prints, longer coats, with all the pockets. Bonus if you got yours from an actual Army/Navy surplus store.
  • Jean Jackets: Another must-have item. Black, blue, acid washed. Didn’t matter as long as you loaded them up with every single pin or button you could find. Basically denim bulletin boards.
    2 Variations available. *And take a close look at the buttons on each jacket. Look familiar? Hint: check out the CryptoCone Hoodies.
  • Punk Vest: Punks loved denim and leather vests with stuff all over them. The more stuff the better. Punk band patches, fabrics sewn on, chains, studs, spikes, you name it. Some of those vests must have been super heavy. Maybe that’s why punks were so skinny? Hmmm. *Be sure to look closely at the Cone Punk Bands on the vest…
  • Classic Tux: I went to several homecomings and a few proms so I actually bought my tux (with tails!) from some awful store in San Francisco. The kind that sells knock-off electronics and fake-brand perfumes. Best $100 I ever spent.
  • Blue Ruffled Tux: Dumb and Dumber vibes for sure, but every wedding I went to as a kid featured shaggy haired, handlebar mustachioed macho men in baby blue tuxedos.
  • Puffer Vests: These were puffy. I mean FAT puffy. You could ball up your vest and use it as a legit pillow when you needed to. They did keep you warm though. Just not your arms so much. 2 Variations of puffer vest in 80’s and 70’s color schemes.
  • McFly Vest: Looking at it again, it DOES look like a life preserver.
  • Ferris: “I’d like to dedicate this song to a boy who doesn’t think he saw anything good today.” The Sausage King of Chicago’s iconic cardigan.
  • Kurt: In 1993 he wore it on MTV Unplugged and just about 25 years later, this green shaggy (and stained) sweater sold for over 300k. Lesson: Hang on to your old clothes in case you get famous one day.

This is primarily about creating a fun set of NFT collectables that remind us of our youth. That keep us grounded in that magical time when computers and arcade games were new, MTV launched, Star Wars happened, and it felt like the future was ours. So we wore it proudly on our tee shirts.

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Creative Director. Brand Builder. Graphic Designer. Dad. Pet Servant. And now, NFT maker.

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Dom Moreci

Creative Director. Brand Builder. Graphic Designer. Dad. Pet Servant. And now, NFT maker.