Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2004

The 2004 growing season is best typified by its generosity: the vegetative development was smooth, each step following the previous with ease. I might go as far as to say that the true risk-taking of the 2004 vintage was to refrain from intervening, to have the patience to observe the events as they unfolded steadily. This serenity in the vineyard was passed, pristine, into the wine.

Dom Pérignon Rosé is not pink: is Dom Pérignon red? Our commitment to Dom Pérignon Rosé is to enable the red in Pinot Noir to vibrate. For this to happen we have to push the envelope and reach the frontier of Dom Pérignon’s territory. Only the assemblage allows us to go that far, creating tension between the red of Pinot Noir and the singularity of Dom Pérignon. Such is the paradox of Dom Pérignon to the point of contradiction. The red of Pinot Noir possesses limitless nuances. Its colour, depth, perfume and structure all reflect what it has gone through during a whole season, in a specific terroir. The winemaking has to be free of artifice. The assemblage and the slow maturation reveal the red in Pinot Noir: enthusiastic, joyful, spiritual, unpredictable, mysterious…

Nature was bountiful with us in 2004, and so is Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2004, binding the 2004 vintage with Dom Pérignon’s singularity in a symbiotic manner. On the nose, Pinot Noir sings out loud, with clear, vibrant and fragile notes of fresh and intense red fruit. On the palate, the wine glides, embracing, tempered by a chiseled and penetrating integrity. In the end an impression of utmost precision dominates. The vintage is marked by an unexpected hint of green citrus on the finish which catches us off-guard and reminds us that a great experience always comes with a touch of unpredictability.

Richard Geoffroy, Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave

Originally published at on July 3, 2015.

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