I Just Have to Release My Game of Thrones S07E05 Hangover

I got to catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones Season 7. And I can’t let out my feelings on my social media account because friends may call me out for spoiling it for them (can you blame me if I wanted to see it as it was aired?). So I just have to write all my thoughts here where I feel it’s not gonna ruin anything for anyone.

NB: While watching Episode 5, I wrote down my thoughts on my planner. What I’m doing is like transferring what I wrote from there to my Medium, with some additional notes.

So, the rundown on “Eastwatch,” with tons of spoilers:

Grabbed from PopSugar.com

ONE: I always pay attention to the opening credits of every episode. It’s my way of knowing which places would be featured and who’s gonna be in the episode. Not to mention that I love how they do the animation for each kingdom. To my surprise… let’s just say somebody just got on dry land. Finally!

TWO: Bronn saves Jaime, again. And the Kingslayer knows that with Daenerys having 2 more dragons (besides Drogon), they’re fucked.

“You’re fucked,” says Bronn.

“Don’t you mean WE’RE fucked?”

“No, I do not. Dragons are where our partnership ends.”

I am so loving Bronn at the moment and I’m so glad he survived.

THREE: Dany basically telling the captured Lannister-Tyrell army that she’s not gonna murder them and make their kids orphans AND YET she blurts out her classic line: “Bend the knee and join me, or refuse and die.” Like, GIRL! That’s no choice! You’re giving them a non-choice, if there ever was such. Also, you’ve just proven Jon right: that you’re no better than those you wish to replace.

FOUR: And this is why Randall Tarly refuses to kneel. I don’t like him for what he did to Sam, but hey, I admire him for his resolve. And oh, Dickon. Must you be so noble?

Well anyways, House Tarly will still stand, contrary to what Tyrion knows.

FIVE: Drogon ❤ Jon. In Dany’s mind, it’s like, “Hey, my kid likes this guy. Looks like a good prospect for a stepdad.” Of course, we’re like, “If Drogon can only speak, he’d tell you he can smell his Targaryen blood.”

SIX: Ser Friendzoned — I mean, Ser Jorah — arrives! To ruin the moment for Dany? Hahahahaha!

SEVEN: You know, every time Bran uses his Three-Eyed-Raven power to track the White Walkers, I always scream at him, blaming him for everything — EVERYTHING — that has happened in Game of Thrones. He’s meddling everything and now everyone has to fix the mess he’s made.

EIGHT: Aww, Sam. I feel bad that the Maesters don’t believe him when he’s the only one in that room in the Citadel that knows the imminent threat. These old blokes feel so safe there. I hope the Night King targets them first, although that’s quite a stretch considering the location of Old Town from the North.

NINE: The problem of how to make Dany listen to sage advise. I feel Varys thinks that Dany is turning into the Mad King (or Queen, in this regard).

TEN: Bran’s message reaches Jon, and of course Jon believes him. Tyrion believes Jon and hatches Stupid Idea #274: capture a wight so that everyone in Westeros will unite against this common enemy. Because Cersei needs convincing. Whoever said this was a smart idea? And Jon’s like, let’s do it! WHAT?!

And Dany’s like, “Don’t go, please.” Damn, girl, you have the hots for this guy. #obvious

ELEVEN: Sansa and Arya bickering. Some things never change between the Stark siblings. And this is how Littlefinger gets the idea…

TWELVE: Davos and Tyrion come to King’s Landing for different purposes. Tyrion, with Bronn’s help, talks to Jaime about convincing Cersei about the White Walkers while…

THIRTEEN: Davos seeks out Gendry in Fleabottom. And gets to blurt out a line that has been immortalized in countless memes since Robert’s bastard went, well, rowing in Season 3.

Gendry sure is bored in Fleabottom making armor for the Lannisters that he had his things ready when Davos asked if he wanted to join him because bad things are coming.

I like their dynamics, something like a father-and-son relationship. Also, Gendry has his father’s temperament. And a thing for warhammers. Haha!


FOURTEEN: Cersei is pregnant! And Jaime is genuinely happy. And then worried when Cersei tells him not to betray him ever again. Can’t the dude get a break?!

FIFTEEN: Bastards unite! They’ll probably be best friends, Jon and Gendry. Although Jon may not be a…

SIXTEEN: Jorah’s coming along Jon’s expedition in Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. And he senses he’s forever friendzoned by Dany. Hahaha!

SEVENTEEN: Gilly!!! She’s found a big piece of the R+L=J equation and yet Sam shuts her because he’s angry at the Maesters. I understand where he’s coming from, though. Plus the fact that he doesn’t know what WE know. The only one who knows what we know is Bran, to be honest.

EIGHTEEN: Arya tracking Baelish, Baelish tracking Arya. The note, we know what that is, though Arya may not. Anyway, the question here really is: who’s playing with who? Does Littlefinger have the upper hand? Or is Arya merely playing into Baelish’s game so she can give him a taste of his own medicine?

NINETEEN: A motley crew of knights, wildlings, bastards, and brothers. This is actually interesting because everyone knows someone and some of them have axes to grind against each other. Jorah is the son of the former Lord Commander, whom Jon (and Sam) served and who waged war against Tormund and the wildlings. Jon knows the Hound, of course, seeing him in Winterfell once. Beric and Thoros sold Gendry to Melissandre. And Thoros knows Jorah. Talk about six degrees of separation.

And all of them wants — has —to go beyond The Wall. This boyband-slash-Westerosi-suicide-squad is all on the same side now, as Jon says, because they’re all breathing. Now they’re out to hunt a White Walker for a show-and-tell in King’s Landing.

I told you I had so many thoughts on this episode of Game of Thrones. I can’t wait for next week. With the trailer for episode 6 up, you know it’s going to be one wild night.