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Whats’ new this month on Auctionity?

Last news and product updates from the Auctionity core team. Read our monthly Digest July 2019

Welcome to our monthly newsletter, where we are continuously providing you updates on what is happening at Auctionity.

Read the full article at https://auctionity.com/news/july-monthly-news

Monthly Digest June 2019

June is over and it’s now time to look back on what has been accomplished for Auctionity this month. We have been busy with numerous events over the past few months nourishing existing elationships and establishing new ones with some amazing companies and we keep on going in that direction to get Auctionity the visibility it deserves. We have been simultaneously improving the platform and tweaking some parameters to make it awesome. We released a good number of new features in June but we are not stopping there just yet. Here’s a roundup of the latest and most relevant achievements for this month, enjoy.

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So what’s been going on this month for Auctionity?

May Monthly News for Auctionity

The blog may have moved but the Auctionity team is still hard at work for sure! New features are being developed for the platform in order to take it to the next level. The team also attended several worldwide events and conference related to blockchain and the gaming industry.

To learn more, read our full Monthly News on the Auctionity website.

We are leaving Medium to bring our blog back home on Auctionity.com

Blog is coming home, and will live on the Auctionity website : auctionity.com/news

We have been writing on Medium for almost two years. We opened this Medium account in August 2017 to communicate around the birth and development of the blockchain auction project. And in that time we have written something like over 167 stories, and most of them were long-form essays, which represent somewhere north of 142,000 words!

We wrote on the development of Auctionity but not only as we also wrote about topics that were important for us. As we developed our experience in the blockchain world, we did mature our vision of what will be the future through blockchain. And…

What’s new this month on Auctionity?

It’s safe to say April was one of the most exciting months for Auctionity, as we’ve seen milestones and announcements lining up on a weekly basis. Missed them in our social media updates? Here are this month’s highlights

It all boils down to us working towards the next-generation development of decentralized auctions. Eager for more? Read our full Monthly news on the Auctionity website.

Illustrating the use of decentralized auctions applied to real-life live auctions, at the Crypto Games Conference

This Special Auction will end on April 25 at 2:40PM (GMT +2)

As announced in our March Monthly News, Auctionity and Blockchain Cuties are partnering for a special auction sale which will be held live from Minsk on April 25. An event not to be missed!

Want to know more on this one of a kind event? Head to our new blog https://www.auctionity.com/img-blockchain-cuties-special-live-auction-on-auctionity/

A curated selection of best articles, videos and news about Non-Fungible Tokens published over these last days. Check out our weekly NFT Press Review.

Non-fungible Tokens Review #25

Here are some of the latest and most relevant articles that you should hear about on the topic of Non-Fungible Tokens.

This article was originally published on the Auctionity Blog. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news of the NFT world, head to https://www.auctionity.com/non-fungible-tokens-coverage-series-25/

Last news and product updates from the Auctionity core team

March has gone by. Take a look at Auctionity’s latest advances!

We made the most of this month and are gearing up for a big release! Check out our March progress on https://www.auctionity.com/monthly-news%E2%80%8A-%E2%80%8Amarch-2019/ 🔍

A curated selection of best articles, videos and news about Non-Fungible Tokens published over these last days. Check out our weekly NFT Press Review.

Non-fungible Tokens Review #24

Hey there! Want to know more about the world of NFTs? You’ll have to head over to our new blog to read the rest of the post! All of our blogs are moving there, and starting next week we’ll no longer be using Medium for regular updates.

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