about daisie

Connect with people like you. Share original content, learn, discover and be inspired to start new conversations and make ideas happen.

What does this actually mean?

We’re creating a community. Somewhere to make meaningful connections with creators.

What is a creator? Who is this site for?

Filmmakers, Writers, Readers, Listeners & Speakers, Poets, Dancers, Singers, Chefs, Entrepreneurs, Developers & Architects, if you have a passion for building, teamwork or doing — you are a creator. We are starting with 5 industries but our goal is to create a place where limitless communities of like-minded individuals who want to share their passion can make their stuff and help other people make their stuff.

We’re a community of individuals. We’re powered by people of all different backgrounds and beliefs, each with our own outlook and story to tell. Together, our stories become novels and our novels become libraries.

We all have passions, and we all want to share them with people just like us. Communities just like us.


Social media has brought millions together, yet the original message of connectivity has been left muddled in a constant popularity contest. Our first step was to remove follower counts; that seemed obvious. Next was to create the two way chain, a natural way to grow your account in an organic and beneficial way. Decisions will begin to be based on quality, not quantity; we’re giving you the opportunity to meet your kind of people and create meaningful communities within our platform.

When putting industries and the future at the forefront of a social network, the reason people use their phones is dramatically redefined. Creating an environment that rewards you for your use; rather than the opposite. Jobs should be a byproduct of the connections you make, rather than the reason you’re making those connections.

Learning through doing and developing through trial and error has always been something that we’ve used to get from challenge to challenge. Introducing the next generation to the best in every creative field and creating a two-way relationship with ‘tasks’ will advise and teach — ensuring people are making and learning.

If brands want to use daisie they can. They just have to do it our way; personally — by giving their team accounts and having them actually use the site; as people. We want to see brands actively engage with members, collaborating and communicating transparently.

A true, community driven social platform.

Creators are at the centre of this rapidly changing world. Let’s play.