Launching NoSlack

I’m very pleased to be able to talk about a project I’ve been lucky enough to be part of over the last few months. We’ve built a web application for shared households called NoSlack. You can try it out now by visiting

The dashboard for a household on NoSlack

What’s the problem with shared households?

Living in shared households can be great. You’re with your friends. You can binge boxsets together. Dominos is all the more affordable and you’ve got a bunch of ready made asisstants ready to sign for that all important Amazon delivery your going to miss. However it’s not all perfect. Sometimes people get busy, and when they do they tend not to bother as much with tasks that need doing around the house. Sometimes it’s awkward to ask your mates to go and do the washing up for a change. It’s hard to keep track of exactly who has done their fair share of tasks. All of this can cause friction between friends and often the only solution people use is ‘The Rota”, which is rarely liked.

How is NoSlack going to solve these problems?

We’ve built NoSlack to try and solve some of these problems. The sign up process is simple, if you’re the first person in your house to join simply sign up and choose a name for your house. If someone’s already signed up in your house, just let us know the name of the house they’ve created and we’ll add you to that house. It’s that simple.

Once you’re signed up there’s the main dashboard. Each tile represents a task you might do around the house. For example you might have a tile called ‘Do the washing up’ that has a frequency set as 24 hours to keep things clean. You might have a tile called ‘Put out the bins’ that’s frequency is once a week. The colour of each tile represents how far away it is from being due, green tiles are great and a red tile means you should really take a look at it.

Once you’ve done one of the tasks simply press the tick on the tile. NoSlack remembers that you’ve done it and the tile will turn green. Think Charlie has done a rubbish job cleaning the sides this week? Click on the thumbs down in that tile after he’s done it. NoSlack records all of this feedback and uses this data in our task delegation algorithm. As you start to use NoSlack jobs will be automatically allocated to each member of the household, saving arguments along the way!

We’ve also got a neat stats page where you can drilldown on all the data NoSlack has about your house. Got a suspicion that Katie is slacking and never submits the meter readings? You can find out exactly who has done what and how well they’ve done it in the stats page.

Intelligent automatic task delegation, extensive stats and a clean yet polite way of keeping track of what needs to be done around the house. What’s not to like? Oh and did I mention NoSlack is free? Free as in beer in fact. Check it out here!

The entire NoSlack team is very excited about what the future holds and we welcome feedback of any kind so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Over the coming weeks we hope to keep making improvements to NoSlack as well as blogging about some of the technical details of how NoSlack was built. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we did making it!