Dom Steil’s 9.10.14

This is my first post on

Tonight I went to a Bitcoin panel meeting at Boost VC, created a ZapChain account outside Bento Box, and now I am back at my apartment writing my first post on

I went to the gravestone of my great, great, great, great grandfather today.

I installed Git, Node.js, MongoDB, and I am about to download Express to my computer. I should probably really learn JavaScript now.

I am mining Bitcoins. I have been for almost a year. I can scale the operation. Time to add more hardware, more space, more power capacity, more cooling.

There needs to be more Bitcoin nodes. It takes awhile to download the entire blockchain. Raspberry Pi + 64 GB SD Card + Hotspot 2.0

Bitcoin | Solar Energy | Space

Miners probably would work well in space.

ASIC | Gallium Arsenide

English | Spanish | Portuguese | Mandarin

I turned the 1 dollar I won last night playing bingo into Bitcoin using a Lamussu Bitcoin machine.


I am taking an online class for my California Real Estate License.

I am taking an online class in HR.

I am not sure if this means that Apple Pay is going to eat Bitcoin or if it is a Bitcoin being placed into Apple as in a payment method for Apple. Either way I made it using Paint and thought it was cool.

“Never work anywhere you are not willing to get fired from, treading water is the same as drowning” — Frank Underwood


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