Test connected components with Storybook’s play function

  • 🔌 Test: Reuse stories in Jest, Testing Lib, Cypress, and more
  • 🚀 Frameworks: Angular 12 Ivy, Lit 2 Web Components
  • 🛠 Builders: Webpack 5 stable, Vite
  • 📦 Packaging: Modern ESM performance option
  • 💯 Hundreds more improvements

Storybook for Svelte

Thousands of Svelte developers use Storybook. @storybook/svelte accounts for over 10% of total Svelte usage by NPM downloads.

  • A Svelte-native story format for capturing component states
  • Auto-generated controls and documentation
  • Updated tutorials and documentation

  1. Auto-generated controls and documentation
  2. Automated snapshot and visual testing
  3. Hundreds of addons: A11y, Perf, GraphQL, Theming, etc.

New addon catalog, tutorials, and docs

  • Full API docs with code samples
  • Rewritten API docs with code samples
  • New guide for building an addon from scratch

New UX for browsing components faster

  • Fuzzy matching (for typos)
  • Jump between recently opened components
  • Expand and collapse all folders
  • Snappier UI with keyboard navigation

Dominic Nguyen

Design at Chroma & Storybook — prev Apollo GraphQL, Meteor

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