Test connected components with Storybook’s play function

  • 📐 Style: measure and outline DOM elements
  • 🔌 Test: Reuse stories in Jest, Testing Lib, Cypress, and more
  • 🚀 Frameworks: Angular 12 Ivy, Lit 2 Web Components
  • 🛠 Builders: Webpack 5 stable, Vite
  • 📦 Packaging: Modern ESM performance option
  • 💯 Hundreds more improvements

Storybook for Svelte

Thousands of Svelte developers use Storybook. @storybook/svelte accounts for over 10% of total Svelte usage by NPM downloads.

  • Zero-config setup w/ built-in TypeScript support
  • A Svelte-native story format for capturing component states
  • Auto-generated controls and documentation
  • Updated tutorials and documentation

  1. Zero-config setup w/ built-in TypeScript support
  2. Auto-generated controls and documentation
  3. Automated snapshot and visual testing
  4. Hundreds of addons: A11y, Perf, GraphQL, Theming, etc.

New addon catalog, tutorials, and docs

  • 🧩 Centralized addon catalog
  • 📕 In-depth tutorial
  • 📐 Comprehensive documentation

  • Beta of addon catalog
  • Full API docs with code samples

Addon Catalog beta with updated documentation

Who uses addons and why?

Storybook’s addon API is one of its core innovations. Not only does it allow users to extend and configure Storybook in countless ways, but many of these addons…

Automate and extend Storybook

What are addons?

Before we begin, let’s recap why addons exist in the first place. Addons…

  • New Addon Catalog app
  • Rewritten API docs with code samples
  • New guide for building an addon from scratch

New UX for browsing components faster

  • Instant search UX
  • Fuzzy matching (for typos)
  • Jump between recently opened components
  • Expand and collapse all folders
  • Snappier UI with keyboard navigation

Dominic Nguyen

Design at Chroma & Storybook — prev Apollo GraphQL, Meteor

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