5 Myths About Online Learning

While millions of people across the country sign up for online learning, only a few thousand manage to successfully complete their courses. This is because of the common misconceptions about the platform. Sometimes, students have unreal expectations that are difficult to align with the realities of online learning. We list out a few such misconceptions to help you separate fact from fiction:

All Online Courses are Self-Paced:

This is rarely the case. Most college courses follow a strict structure, i.e., the instructor gets to decide on the due dates, the duration of the course and other details. Even when the course is self-paced, there are hard deadlines that students must meet in order to avoid losing out on grades. Students are expected to complete the course within a set period of time.

Online Learning is Easy:

This is probably the biggest myth about online learning. Most courses follow a very tight schedule and are hence very intensive. These courses are demanding and need time. Students are expected to complete reading assignments on time and then follow up with tests, quizzes, and other assignments. All of this requires time and commitment.

Online Learning can be Lonely:

Although you cannot meet the instructor personally, there are several opportunities for you to interact with each other. Most online colleges have an online forum where fellow students can share their concerns and discuss the course. And if you need help with assignments, there are several online class help websites that offer to manage them for you. All that you have to do is to fill in the online contact form and ask, ‘Can you take my online class for me?’ A tutor can complete assignments and earn an A or B for you.

Online Courses Have No Job Prospects:

This was the situation a few years ago, but is no longer true thanks to prestigious universities like Harvard, Stanford, and Ivy League colleges offering online courses. These universities have raised the bar for the online education industry. As a result, employers are now happy to offer opportunities to students with good grades, and don’t really care if the course was taken online.

Online Courses Do Not Transfer:

This is a common worry among students signing up for online courses. However, it is no longer the case. The majority of online classes are transferable to other colleges. Just call them and ask. Before you sign up, remember to speak with an advisor to find out all the details.

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