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Functional Analysis in Mathematics

We stated above that functional analysis is used in an increasing variety of fields. It has been addressed on the UK teaching guidelines since 2007 but still has no set core curriculum. Rather it is intended to encourage the application of known maths techniques to everyday and wide ranging situations.

Students are taught work methods or principles involved in function analysis, 3 basic ones being:

  • Representing — making sense of situations and representing them
  • Analyzing — processing data and using mathematics
  • Interpreting — interpreting and presenting the results of the analysis

Fourier analysis as applied to waveforms and describing them as a series of trigonometric functions is still one of the best examples of applied functional analysis in mathematics.

Obviously a wide range of techniques can be used for a specific problem or situation and any particular person may be able to complete part or all of the work without help. When you know what you want to describe or analyze but do not know how best to do it then contact us, because we have someone who does.

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