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I think it was a HUGE mistake for Dems to have “show votes” in the context of debate on a reconciliation measure on provisions of the law that CANNOT BE AMENDED, let alone REPEALED via the Reconciliation process. It only causes confusion, and may make the GOP more likely to try to address those issues in reconciliation, and o try to overrule he parliamentarian if he says they cannot, citing the Democrats’ amendments addressing them. (My daughter asked me why/how they were coming up in connection with he reconciliation bill.) Why not just make them vote on saving Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and the subsidies on Exchanges? Why get into the ban on denying or charging more for a pre-existing condition or requiring coverage of a child till age 26? Purporting to “protect” them suggests they could otherwise be repealed or amended via reconciliation. Dumb decision. Surely Schumer knows this (he was part of the House having to pass the Senate bill as is because it needed 60 votes to enact the insurance reforms.

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