An Open Letter to Uber HR — Time to Make a Radical Choice for your Next Leadership Team

Dear Uber HR,

Allow me to tell you a dirty little secret. I don’t really care very much for your company. I had issues with it way before Travis and his brogrammer crew were caught by an engineer publicly blogging how much she felt intimidated by her boss.

Your company has been on the wrong path for quite some time and it managed to double down and double down countless times and I fail to understand how your company is valued so highly since for the most part it is basically a poorly designed app with an insecure backend with a badly organized corporate structure from the bottom up.

Earlier today I read an article on CNBC suggesting who should be hired next to lead Uber. I was not surprised to see names like Harold Schultz and Marissa Meyer thrown in there — after all, they are definitely names people know about and have managed to become successful. However, at this time, your goal is not to hire a highly recognized leadership team to ensure it’s success. In fact, if anything, that’s the LAST thing you want because the last thing you need is to have is a marquee executive which trumps what little brand equity that you have left. To that end, I suggest you start with a different approach — look for people who are strong candidates that have the right background, but didn’t work for names like Starbucks, Google and the like. Find the superstars out there that are not so visible, but are great at what they do, but wouldn’t make it about themselves. These are the people you need and hiring any of the people on that list shows an astounding lack of introspection.

I personally know of quite a few people that would definitely be great fits for the CEO job for example and would be happy to share them with you offline since they don’t know that I am referring them. In fact, I would not be surprised if they got upset that I even referred them to you. To that end, I would be happy to share that info with you if you share with me your email address or a way to contact you directly.

Looking forward to hearing from you!