When You Feel Like An ‘Outsider’ at Work
Carol Sankar

Here’s some tough love — find another bank (or financial services provider)to work for.

When you work in a company where the executive leadership team is comprised of men, especially from Eastern European countries, you will not get ahead for the most part because they have been brought up from birth to think that women are second class citizens. From what I gather here you seem to be a professional, sensible person and you are experiencing a case of culture mismatch and sometimes you just need to acknowledge that you found a bad place to work.

You fortunately are in an area where there are many other banks to work for that probably would give you a chance to move up the corporate ladder. Start putting out feelers and see what you uncover. Before you know it, this job will be a footnote in history and you’ll be on your way to success.

Good luck!

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