A lactation room is a place where women can pump breast milk in a clean and private environment.
Katherine Buechner

I know what a lactation room is and I also know that women’s restrooms are often much nicer than comparable men’s rooms.

That being said — if they want to have a dedicated space for it, build on some extra space in the women’s room so they can do it there. There is truly no reason why they should have a public dedicated room for this.

With respect to ageism, I have been writing about it — you might want to check out my posts. Admittedly they may come off as harsh, but the fact is I am more concerned about ageism than sexism as I have been the victim of ageism in multiple companies.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a boss that claims that s/he wants to hire you to lead something and does everything in her/his power to subvert that. At my last company, my boss was extremely manipulative, demanded that we hire unqualified people that happened to be “friends” of one of her favorite employees. That in itself was bad enough, but it was worse when I actually tried to have meetings with my so-called direct reports only to have them tell me “Your boss said that I didn’t have to do that”, “You’re doing it wrong” or attempt to spy on me asking for information that they have no business asking for. The icing on the cake was when my boss and I had a 1:1 and she told me that she officially took these people away from me (not like I ever had them to begin with) saying “each of them thought it was unfair that you were their boss” — these were junior level contractors with no experience and she’s telling a Director that she is taking *their* side? It was absurd. Sadly by the time I actually built up the courage to do something about it, it was too late.

Funny thing is that this boss was fired a month after I left and she didn’t even see it coming according to my personal contacts there. Unfortunately due to her unprofessionalism, I could never return to that company. I guess I am not too broken hearted over it because the company was the laughing stock of the industry, but it burns to hear when you are in your 40s that a millennial with no experience is going to be doing your job.

Be sure to read my articles and share — definitely not a fan of sexism (I work very closely with various women’s organizations), but I know that if people are focused on that and “racism”, they are totally missing the real problem that is plaguing tech nowadays.

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