Backend Engineer

The Medium experience is delightfully simple but in the backend there’s a lot of engineering required to make things work.

You’ll be responsible for implementing new product features together with a world class team of engineers. You’ll focus on making your features fast and scalable while running under our open source node.js services framework known as shepherd.

The ability to collaborate successfully with others across disciplines is a requirement. Demonstrated experience working successfully on a small team in a startup environment is highly desired.

Our current server stack is an SOA built primarily with Nginx, Node.js, Java, Redis and DynamoDB. We’re running in AWS. Experience with these technologies is a bonus, but not required.

You’ll be joining a team with a passion for open source. If you’d like to learn more you can explore some of the projects we’ve released under the Apache 2.0 license at our open source page on github.


Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (or equivalent).

A terrific attitude and strong interpersonal skills.

A minimum of five years of relevant software engineering experience.

Experience with large-scale distributed systems.

Valuable Skills

Experience with client-server architectures.

Experience with Cassandra or DynamoDB.

Experience with nginx, redis or node.js.

Experience with git.


This position is located at our head office in San Francisco, California (but we're happy to consider people from all over)

How To Apply

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