Pluralsight’s Content Partnership with Google Cloud

Don Jones
Don Jones
Nov 12, 2019 · 2 min read

In late 2019, Pluralsight and Google Cloud created a really powerful content partnership, enabling Google Cloud to bring their high-end video learning content into the Pluralsight platform. As a result of that partnership, you’ll now find a growing library of Google Cloud courses in Pluralsight (41 as of end of October), covering topics like machine learning, reliability, Security, big data and more. For Pluralsight, this partnership is important for a few reasons.

First, we’re wildly passionate about making sure our learners have the content they need to do their jobs better, more efficiently and more reliably. Enterprise customers the world over are bringing Google Cloud into their technology portfolio, so it’s deeply important to us that we meet them with the best learning content we can provide.

Second, we all know that cloud technologies change fast and often. By partnering directly with Google Cloud, we can ensure we’re providing the latest and greatest content to our learners. No matter what you’re trying to do with Google Cloud, knowing you have the right content, at the right time, gives you confidence that you’re learning the right things.

Third, and perhaps most interestingly, this partnership brings Google’s Qwiklabs hands-on experiences into the Pluralsight platform. Google Cloud courses are architected to provide not only learning but to integrate hands-on, practical experience into the learning stream. Learners get to see instructors perform tasks and also get to perform those tasks themselves. This ability to rapidly apply new skills helps cement them, and can highlight areas where a learner needs to reinforce their skills in order to achieve proficiency. Pluralsight’s ability to provide these Qwiklab-based experiences to our learners is made possible through our unique partnership with Google Cloud.

In the coming months, we’ll continue to bring new Google Cloud content online, ensuring we have the most complete coverage of these powerful, complex technologies. We’ve also begun development on skill assessments covering Google Cloud to enable learners to measure their skill level in just a few minutes. We’ll continue to roll out new Google Cloud-related Skill IQs in the future.

This kind of content partnership, along with other premier partnerships with technology leaders like Microsoft, Oracle and others, is part of what sets Pluralsight apart as a technology skills platform. It helps ensure that Pluralsight can always provide learners with the most timely, relevant, and fresh content possible in our rapidly changing tech world.

Explore the full list of Google Cloud-authored courses

Don Jones

Written by

Don Jones

Don Jones is Director of Technical Curriculum for Pluralsight, a Microsoft MVP since 2004, and author of dozens of books on information technology.

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