Investor Perspective: The Mixed Reality Landscape

By: Don Stein, Managing Director, Candela Partners LLC. (@VRinvestments)

We just witnessed a record-high $3B invested into Mixed Reality in 2017, and half of this came in Q4. Mixed Reality is poised to flourish as an investment category in 2018 as the public markets fluctuate with volatility, Crypto struggles to find underlying value, and VC’s look for the next valuable asset class. Small communities of insiders are collaborating all around the world working to build this future — starting companies, funding startups, and taking LP positions. Money is beginning to flow.

“While the buzz surrounding the AR/VR space has tapered off, the sheer amount of cash getting pumped into the industry is continuing to surge.” …


Don Stein

We are writers, investors, event hosts, and M.R. idealist. We write about Mixed Reality adoption. www.CandelaPartners.co

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