Developers experienced a slight trouble when they removed workbench. Now you have to create your own package structures yourself. Let’s see how to create workbench manually and make everything needed for package development lined up.

First add illuminate/workbench package to your composer.json file as:

"illuminate/workbench": "dev-master"

Now add the WorkbenchServiceProvider into config/app.php


Since the workbench has been removed in Laravel 5 you have to create it by yourself.

<?phpreturn [/*|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| Workbench Author Name|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| When you create new packages via the Artisan "workbench" command your| name is needed to generate the composer.json file for your package.| You may specify it now so it is used for all of your workbenches.|*/'name' => '',/*|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| Workbench Author E-Mail Address|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| Like the option above, your e-mail address is used when generating new| workbench packages. The e-mail is placed in your composer.json file| automatically after the package is created by the workbench tool.|*/'email' => '',];

After creating file fill the information in your config file so that you can use workbench command. Read more

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