People that have used lavalite has recommended, that whoever wants to learn PHP framework should start with lavalite without any doubt. Learning framework with it will conserve a lot of time and will ensure that you understand perfectly how the framework especially ORM and MVC works. The framework is an advanced framework for web developers. There are many ways to code, and soon things can become cluttered. So don’t expect magic from lavalite. You still have to understand how an adept code will look like. A web application is rapidly built using this framework. This framework offers many modern tools and is compatible with many modern technologies. This solves the same business problems that many people face: Create features and continue to support existing features with a limited team size. This helps create a good balance because the framework handles much of the heavy lifting for us.

If it’s a beginner, he will find a lot of resources on the internet. You need not look any further, it is a great product that came a long way since it’s initial release. The documentation and community support are amazing. Let me summarize lavalite in one word for you. AWESOME. The thing that’s best about this framework is its elegance to load the developer with all the tools, but at the same time does not boggle you down with unnecessary code. It is constantly in development, has a strong community support. In my opinion, lavalite brought back the dying PHP back to life. Even when compared with other frameworks, it’s response time is faster. Read more

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