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How bots can change mobile platforms

Will bots kill apps?

Luigi Donadel
Apr 12, 2016 · 4 min read

Time for presentations.

I’m Luigi Donadel, an eighteen years old student from Italy who loves technology.

I have a lot of interests and hobbies, but the biggest part of my daytime is spent with my mobile phone. And, don’t lie to me, this is also your case.

And that’s the main point of the discussion, the mobile world.

You can agree with me that mobile phones are an extension of us. With them you can do things that some years ago were unbelievable. You can pay nearly everything, you can order meals, you can even get a drive on the fly when and where you need it.

The mobile world is being improved every day, by companies that introduce cool stuff making our lives more comfortable, more efficient and easier.

I recently read a lot of posts focused on the next big thing on mobile platforms. What about changing our vision of mobile operating systems — that are, in a nutshell, screens with a wallpaper and apps over it— and start to consider that the services that provide informations to our apps are enough intelligent to make us chat with them to obtain informations and benefits?

The concept of the intelligent entity who you can chat with (called also bot) was introduced to the average mobile user with some famous instant messaging platforms.

The first is clearly Telegram, that started to put these bots in the app nearly a year ago. Bots on Telegram can be created by every user who has programming skills, and this allows the service to provide a lot of different bots.

Today Telegram team released the feature called ‘’, adding two important updates: inline bots, bots that you can use from every chat to search for and share something, and new input interfaces, like the one.

The new Telegram music Bot

As you can see, interacting with this bot is very simple! You can simply text him to query for music and download the preferred songs. And you can also switch the result pages with this new interface element dedicated to this kind of chat.

Another service is Slack, the famous IM platform for teams, that introduced bots that are useful and important for your professional life.

A on Slack is an intelligent entity that can pair with your most favorite services, notify you about critical events inside them, and provide informations about them, in an easier way, because if you need something you can merely ask the bot for it.

And obviously you can have all of this stuff inside one application, that is, Slack. No more 10 apps related to as many services to reach one objective. No more 10 GUIs to study and no more hours and hours of deep learning on how they works. Now you’ll have 10 chats for it.


If you have to ask something to a friend, you’ll simply text him the direct question. And he’ll answer, in a bunch of seconds. Why can’t you do the exact same thing with an app on your device?

With the apps GUI, getting informations is more complicated than using a chat. And that’s because the apps needed it, to understand your request and deliver a response. But that was the past. Now, with this Bot philosophy, the change of vision is possible as it never was, for the most part of the utility apps out there.

I will not be surprised if in the near future Apple or Google will release a new OS update that will make us think to services not as apps, but as bots. Siri, Google Now, you will not remain alone for a lot of time.

Thank you for the reading.

If you want to know more about the concept introduced, read .

And you? What do you think? Would you be pleased to use a bot instead of an app for consuming a service? I would love to see your opinions!

Luigi Donadel

Written by

Creative Software Developer

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