Fourth week: Ask for and giving help
Marco Calzolari

Marco — nicely put, that helping others helps ourselves, so we should welcome being asked for help, and equally be glad to ask for help.

There’s a great book called ‘Pay it Forward’ (there was also a film made of the story, but the book is better). It’s an idea a young boy has for a school project and about the effects of doing something for others even when “there’s nothing in it for us”. Turns out, as you pointed out, that this makes the world a better place, and even when we do something unconditionally, just to help, we still benefit from it, in a way that’s a mystery but still very real.

If you’ve ever been involved in putting on a show for an audience, you’ll see that the actors and musicians are always on a bit of high afterwards. I wondered what caused that. I think it’s what comes from offering the show as a gift to the audience, the actors putting themselves ‘out there’ (i.e., making themselves vulnerable), helping the audience to enjoy life or to try to see it from a different perspective, all the time not knowing how it turns out.


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