The outcome is already decided! The customer agreed to buy if we built this. So our only job is to build it quickly.
Safety In Silos
John Cutler

That sales & product managers believe this happens far too often. What doesn’t happen often is the customer buying it promptly once the feature(s) are rolled out. There’s always more, the customer needs to test it for a while, or a competitor gained traction while you were building a customer required feature.

Unless at least 3 customers want this feature, or the customer signs a multi-year agreement before you agree to build feature X, don’t. Developers like building new stuff, but hate rushing half-baked stuff into production and fixing it later. It’s like living in a fire drill. It’s exhausting and demoralizing.

I’ve heard “but this is a start-up, and this is how startups operate.” Startups are not required to be this way, do not need to be this way.

Desperation frequently leads to very poor decision making and value judgements.