How to Get a Real Estate License

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Businessman Donald Auzine serves as a marketer at SA Consulting, and as a realtor at Burns & Company. Donald Auzine attended Donaldson Real Estate School in 2016, and subsequently earned his real estate license.

A real estate license serves as a permit granted by state governments to qualified professionals to represent buyers or sellers in real estate transactions. A real estate license is granted only to real estate professionals who meet certain requirements. Here’s how to get a real estate license.

First, the candidate should understand the eligibility requirements. Generally, he or she must be a US citizen, at least 18 years old, and have accumulated at least 60 hours of formal college education in real estate.

Second, the candidate should finish a pre-licensing course. Then, he or she should pass the most important exam for a real estate license — the real estate licensure exam. The test includes 100 multiple-choice questions on national and state real estate principles and laws. In most states, the passing score is 70 percent.

Third, the candidate should file his or her real estate license application. Most states collect fees ranging between $50 and $250. After submission of the application, the processing takes up to 2 months.

Finally, the candidate should work with a real estate broker, who will serve as his or her sponsor. This part of the process provides the candidate with real, hands-on opportunities to learn about the real estate industry.

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Donald Auzine assists homebuyers and sellers throughout the greater Baton Rouge area as a Realtor with Burns & Company.

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