7 Jaw-Dropping Revelations From Hearings on the Motion to Dismiss the DNC Fraud Lawsuit
Zach Haller

“ Despite the implications of this position, lawyers for the DNC repeatedly denied that the terms “impartial” and “evenhanded” can be defined to the point that a ruling can be issued on what obligations these words carry as they appear in the DNC’s Charter.”

This is a big crock of BS. In ANY legal document if the word is not defined in the document then it is defined as in the law dictionary.

Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition
IMPARTIAL. Favoring neither; disinterested; treating all alike; unbiased; equitable, fair, and just. Evans v. Superior Court in and for Los Angeles County, 107 Cal.App. 372, 290 P. 662, 666.

There is no reason the judge should not have brought this up and told them they were full of it.

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