Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations! America chose well, I myself cannot wait to see America great again. My name is Donald E. Bowman. I am the founder of D.W. IDEAS & DESIGNS (Designing the Future) an idea, invention, and manufacturing company. I am also the Inventor for my company, I have three inventions,(“Always Up” a baby bottle designed to flip straight back up on its own, eliminating the waste of costly fluids, “SHOO” a baby shoe designed to grow with babies feet, shoe grows from size 1 to a 2 with a push of a button, push button again shoe grows from size 2 to a 3 eliminating buying many pairs of shoes for baby’s fast growing feet, “Freedom” a fold-up, store in the trunk of your car row boat). Two where created to help Americans save money on products used every day.

Mr. President, in America alone at least 4 million babies are born each year, out of 4 million babies 3.5 million or more will be using a baby bottle, traditional baby bottles when dropped will lay on their side and drip fluids out onto the floor, my bottle however when dropped, flips straight back up on its own, eliminating the drip, 3.5 million bottles drip once that’s two thousand gallons of milk wasted each year, that bottle drips twice double the gallons, at 4.50 a gallon, this turns into 20k a year, this is a start.

I live in the great state of Tennessee, where very many jobs are needed. My inventions have been researched, surveyed, and evaluated, and they’ll sell well. I have working prototypes, business and financial plans. I can create 150 jobs in our poor community, plus another 150 jobs 2yrs from now, and the promise of creating more job opportunities in the future throughout the United States of America. The reason I’m writing this letter to you Mr. President, is to ask for guidance, I have been building my company since 2015, are there any funding for start-ups? If so, how and where do I obtain this information? My company, Mr. President, will generate 43 million dollars for our United States of America, I’m not a wealthy man, I have my company ready, leg work done, the equipment I need is 1 million dollars, Mr. President could I please have 5 minutes of Donald J. Trump’s time?

My Best Wishes,

Thank you, Mr. President,

Donald E. Bowman