Maritime Law

Corporation: AN ARTIFICIAL PERSON or LEGAL ENTITY created by or under the authority of the LAWS of the state.

Maritime Law: Pertaining to navigable waters, I.e. to the SEA, great lakes, navigable WATERS, or the navigation or commerce thereof.

Commerce: the exchange of goods, productions, or property of…

400,000 Covid deaths? Okay?

400,000 in reverse ordinal is 277.

277 is 59th prime number.

Joe Biden is 59th president.

It’s all fake news.

Presidents are selected and NOT elected… by us. Time to wake up.

Be you WHOLE (“perfect”) as your Absolute (“Father”) in heaven is WHOLE (“perfect”).

A scene in Bible came to mind this morning. Moses and the burning bush and thought, “How would this apply to me?” I opened my Bible and noticed the word “Angel”. Now one of Philos rules for interpretation is “striking statements” like angel, Spirit, Omen, Holy Spirit, etc. The scene I examined is Exodus 3:1-4. I see raising the Kundalini all in this.

Moses looks to be a symbol of discipline that one must undertake to raise the serpent. Notice he is in Kharabah or Horeb? This word means SOLITUDE or barren. The “Mountain of Ala’aym (God)” is pretty self explanatory. Raising or going up. The backside of mountain is the back probably. In meditation one can make their mind desolate or barren in solitude to raise the Kundalini.

This is just one possible interpretation here. I am also seeing some metaphysics at this point, but that’s for another time.

Mystic Hippy


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