Cislunar economy 101 — Part 1
Carlos Entrena Utrilla

“ This is an important distinction, mainly because a “space economy” already exists, at least up to the geostationary belt (GEO). There are some 450 satellites currently operating in GEO, about 75% of them commercial, most of them relaying video, data, or voice connections to Earth.”

You should state the reason WHY the space economy is only located there. The reason is property rights. LEO2GEO is “settled” space. You can actually “own” a satellite parking “slot” and that is how the industry refers to it.

“The World’s Hottest Real Estate: Orbital Slots Are Prime Property.”

“Hot Orbital Slots: Is There Anything Left”

We really need to work on property rights if we want the infinite economy.

“ While current space activities are good and all, they’ve become stagnant and boring: government space programs have become risk-averse and have long ceased innovating , and private industry followed suit.”

David Gump, ex CEO of Deep Space Mining has a great ted talk on the why there is a drop in innovations for gov.

Great article.

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