What is Adopt-A-State?

Now that our interactive website is LIVE we thought we’d launch our easy “So, what are you?” guide

  1. A free tool to help folks empower Red State’s and their efforts to fight regressive GOP laws and Legislatures.
  2. Once-a-month email that brings succinct news, progressive issues, and action items for the click/share types or the march-in-the-street types.
  3. The perfect way for the busy, non-volunteering type to support the Resistance where its needed most. Think of us as the “French Flag on your Facebook Profile” of the anti-Trump/progressive resistance.
  4. Clearinghouse for Red State Diaspora social networks being built out on Facebook. These groups bring together folks who grew up in Red States, moved away and want to help empower progressives back home.
  5. Our emphasis is on State rebuilding as a groundwork for Congressional/Senate flipping.
  6. We don’t organize volunteers — we’ll send you along to our friends that do! (Shout out: Sister District; Flippable; Resurgent Left; SpreadTheVote, Action Group Network, Code Blue Team)
  7. Once a month emails. Once. A. Month.
  8. This isn’t just for folks who moved away from home. If you live in a Blue State and want to make the biggest impact, adopt a Red State. We’ll help you learn more about what folks are working on and how to make your dollar have the greatest impact.
  9. Help us build out our Red State Diaspora social network!
  10. Send us your feedback! This is our first launch so we’ll have some kinks to work out. We also aren’t experts so if we missed something on a state that we should know about — let us know!