Happiness comes from within
Kris Gage

Absolutely, Acceptance is the key starting with accepting our self as we are and everyone else as they are. We can’t change our self and we can’t change anyone else but we can accept our self and others as we are and learn to mind our own business and stay focused on our own interests and let go of trying to control anyone or anything.

If we want to play the piano we have to play it to develope our ability and those are the choices we do have some choice and control over and we can choose what kind of music we focus on and who we choose to study with of that we teach our self if that is our inclination.

What we focus on is the natural outcome of our own interests and that is within our control. When we realize that we have the power to focus our attention on anything we want, we are in charge of our self and nothing else.

We can’t control the weather and we can’t control our loved ones and we certainly can’t control our society, our government or our world but we can control our own focus of attention.

We are life happening and our attention is naturally drawn to that which is in alignement with who we are and how we are and that which is the fulfillment of our own wants, needs and desires, whether that is something to satisfy our hunger or our desire to experience enlightenment.

We are the one in charge of our own focus of attention and that is being guided by our own responses to life and what is calling our attention.

So really its fairly simple. Pay attention to what interests you and follow your own interests and excitement and your own being will guide you to where you want to go.

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