Brief Encounters With Angry Men
Dominique Matti

Anger is an interesting human emotion, coming mostly in response to fear and an attempt at having control in a situation in which we feel threatened or out of control and trying desparately to regain control through intimidation and threat. We see it with people in our lives and we see it with our government going to war with anyone they are afraid of and who they think is a threat to them. In personal relationships we want to be loved and accepted and fear rejection, much of it steming from our childhood experiences with our own parents who used rejection to control us and intimidation to impose their will on us. This can change when we realize we are okay with or without the approval of others but this can require some real inner work with a good guide or teacher.

I love Ester Hicks and her teachings about tuning into our own energy and learning to align with our own energy and with the enregy of the universe, what she calls source energy. Its like tuning our voice so we can sing on tune and in harmony. It takes some time and work but we can do it and when we do we begin to guide ourselves to the energy of others that are actually in harmony with us. Kind of like knowing what music turns us on and what doesn’t and only going toward the bands that are playing our kind of music.

Tuning into our own energy is the starting point then following our own inner guidance to what feels right and in harmony with who we are.

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