How to soothe loneliness using solitude
Kris Gage

Being with my self, my own feelings, thoughts and sensations is observing the energy passing through me as it is in all its various forms. I sat for two months in the desert south of Moab just feeling and watching the movie in my own mind playing the stories of my life and feeling all the feelings and sensations that accompany the mind movie. I was agitated at first just watching and feeling everything happening in me. I yelled out my fear and anxiety just to relieve the discomfort running through me, with no one and nothing to distract me. I yelled at the universe, screamed out my anger and sadness, sang songs, expressed all the energy moving through me and eventually settled in to my own experience. It took a couple of months to get centered in my self but eventually I found my self meditating on the rising sun in a rather peaceful state. I have a friend who recommended just tuning into the flow of aliveness that is always moving through and when I do that there is a peace that comes to me and I realize all is well and there never was or is anything wrong with me or anyone else.

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