Note: 2018–04–10: Thinking about reworking yet again, so importing the 3 entries on the Ghost blog into Medium cause ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So here we are, May 1st. AAApril has come to an end (in fact, perhaps not spirit). How did it go?


Pretty good, noticeably faltering in the last week.

Note that the app did not have a no-refined sugar habit tracked, but did have “read a book”

Absolutely no alcohol; Caffeine within parameters, other than one accidental ordered-by-habit-mocha when I meant to get hot chocolate (on the 26th).

Absolutely no meat. No fried food before the 27th (and then…

Note: 2018–04–10: Thinking about reworking yet again, so importing the 3 entries on the Ghost blog into Medium cause ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s going like … okay.


For the most part, I’m following the rules. As I write this sentence, I am finishing my first cup of hot chocolate, 4 days after my first green tea on day 1.

No alcohol. No meat. No fried food. No pastries or candies or the refined-carb like. Unless you count one (fried) potato chip and one ritz cracker.

Adherent on youtubes. Mostly adherent on TV/Movies: 2 movies, about 4.5 hours of TV except for……

Note: 2018–04–10: Thinking about reworking yet again, so importing the 3 entries on the Ghost blog into Medium cause ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

31 March 2017

TL;DR for the month of April (2017), I will be entirely absent from social mass-media & avoiding some unhealthy stuff IRL.

I may or may not write some at You can still contact me via your favorite person-to-person chat, SMS, email, or good old fashioned face to face. (or telephone, if you must)


Lately, I’ve been having some pretty-bad, pretty persistent problems with anxiety attacks.

On a ~weekly basis, I end up spending some quality

I hear the world is full of pain,
Flooding, terror, acid rain;
Music, theatre, laughs and art,
Whiskey, coffee, beer and darts,

Rainbows, glaciers, hiking trails;
Rare pepes and EPIC FAILs,
Overwatch and Pokemon Go;
Donald Trump and Bernie Bros;

Dreams, and Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll,
Dharma, Love, and the eternal soul,
The Holy Quran and the Higgs boson
Tajwid in Geneva, QFT in Tehran.

Yet day by day I sit and type
Edit, grep, compile, pipe
All that a system smoothly might run
Ashes to Ashes, Zero to One

npm install; grunt &; restart nginx docker run -d…

Happy easter, now my head is an egg

Today, to the amusment of my friends and likely befuddlement of my parents and coworkers, I am shaving my head.

I am doing this for several reasons, but at the core, its an act of ritual, an act of metaphor. For years now, I’ve thought in flights of fancy about the ideas of ~literary symbolism and whether, through perception and acknowledgment, such concepts can act as agents in real life. Today I’m trying this on my self deliberately. I hope it works

Put another way, I ask you to think of a…

mostly from podcasts about other parts of the world

I just go back from a 2.5 hour walk from my apartment, across the Brooklyn bridge, lost in China town, and then back again across the Manhattan bridge. I don’t particularly feel much like original thought, but I learned some things—mostly from listening to episodes of the BBC QI staff’s daily-through-the-world-cup “International Factball” podcast series—and I thought I’d share some with you. I heard and saw many more things than 20, but these are what stuck with me through this writing:

  1. This American Life host Ira Glass and noted modern composer Phillip Glass are first cousins, once removed
  2. Most of…

Unresearched, largely unstructured rambling confusion

In service of making up for yesterday’s missed piece and keeping on a roll of talking about things which are probably kind of silly and which I really know relatively little about, I want to talk about clubs.

Broadly, without looking in a dictionary, I think the the word club means, “an on-going organization of individuals for a common (especially: recreational) purpose”. Given my stage of life and willfully ignoring the title I already wrote above, it is my first inclination to still think of chess clubs, or computer clubs, or drama clubs. In short, to think of a school-affiliated…

In consideration of this week’s social app craze

Much ink has been spilled in the last 72 or so hours about “the latest social app craze”. I’ve seen many profiles describing it, and talking about its success and its creator, but few trying to look past the success into the causes or logic, if any, behind it. Figure I’ll take a swing.

For those of you who don’t keep up with the tech press or regularly look at app store top 10s, and happened to miss Thursday evening’s Colbert Report, “Yo” is a smartphone app of exceedingly simple premise and mechanics—you have a friend list and when you…

“It’s nice to want things”


In introspection, I have recently noticed a perhaps regrettable paradox of my psyche (at this point in my life):
—in spite of ongoing (and somewhat effectual) efforts to the contrary, I am pretty “good” at worrying or preoccupation about the future;
—this notwithstanding, I am not very good at simply planning or imagining my future.

In the latter, I have found a recent frustration: a lack of mental-emotional clarity around goals, around desires. I have found it difficult to consider such potentially insight-granting exercises as imagining what an ideal day in my future might be like; or imagine for…

3 More Metaphors, A Broader Definition, and Important Lessons from the Past (and Present)

Incompleteness Disclaimer:
Between my meager rest after writing Day 1's post, and my perhaps resulting inability not to snark about Oracle’s keynote/sci-fi film, I failed to provide the most timely summary of the rest of DevOpsSummit. I won’t presume to have any sort of dedicated readership, but if you exist and were disappointed by that failure, I apologize.

Additionally, as a comparison of my spotty notes and the official schedule should reveal, both my attendance and attention were incomplete in these days. But since a week later, a handful of ideas still stick in my head, I’ll discuss those here…

Donald Guy

Was gonna write every day … might again.

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