a sysadmin’s lament

I hear the world is full of pain,
Flooding, terror, acid rain;
Music, theatre, laughs and art,
Whiskey, coffee, beer and darts,

Rainbows, glaciers, hiking trails;
Rare pepes and EPIC FAILs,
Overwatch and Pokemon Go;
Donald Trump and Bernie Bros;

Dreams, and Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll,
Dharma, Love, and the eternal soul,
The Holy Quran and the Higgs boson
Tajwid in Geneva, QFT in Tehran.

Yet day by day I sit and type
Edit, grep, compile, pipe
All that a system smoothly might run
Ashes to Ashes, Zero to One

npm install; grunt &; restart nginx
docker run -d me/interests; pkill sleep; pkill sex
nice 14 nutrition; rm /etc/cron.daily/exercise
pkill -STOP judgment; scp foodler:’**/{burger,fries}’ ~

Its rather ironic that this metal you see,
Seems quite a better multitasker than me
Wheras It stops its world to switch one task for others
My open descriptors always overflow my buffers

Whereas it take new patches with a simple apt-get
My resolve for upgrades I quite often forget
And when its health checks fail, we regrow the ASG
But my self won’t reboot. et memento mori. 💀

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