Got some news today. Some people in law enforcement, the government and the military are talking with me about my documentary film and training program/video.

They like my idea about making a training program/video that teaches kids how to detect pedophiles (criminals) before something bad happens. They want to know how I am going to do that. I told them that if the human being can build a car that drives itself, the human being can figure out how to detect criminal behavior before something bad happens.

Research is showing me that applying a scientific approach to the training program/video will result in teaching kids how to detect pedophile behavior before something happens. A major corporation who is responsible for identification and interception of those who intend to commit acts of terrorism and/or idiosyncratic motivated acts of violence is interested in helping me out with this.

Utilizing this approach will eventually help put some patches in the cracks in America’s criminal justice system. Our criminal justice system repeatedly lets us down (see: police and human beings, particularly African-American people for an example of what I mean). So, it is my thinking that we need to take charge of our own protection without being violent. One way to do that is to learn how to detect criminal behavior before something bad happens so that we can get away from it before someone shoots off our head.

And besides, I like that because we live in a violent world. Where does violence get anyone? It gets many dead. How smart is that? Aren’t we more intelligent than that? Aren’t we more intelligent than to buy a gun so that we can defend ourselves? How about using our scintillating minds to figure out non-violent ways to snuff out violence? We can do that, I know. We can do it because we are brilliant because we are human beings. We simply need to begin changing the way we behave with each other. In place of striking out when someone hurts you, elevate yourself, walk away from it and move on.

The most vital part of this equation to begin the process is to change the way we think about violence. Rather than being fearful of it, we need to think in terms of how we can diffuse violence in a non-violent way. One way that is possible is to believe that thinking this way will work, and it will. Believe that it will not work, and then, it will not work. It’s all about our individual brains and what kind of information we feed them. It is our responsibility to tell our brains what to do, otherwise, our brains will go down the trail of what we have told them before.