Learning From Trump in Retrospect
Mike Konczal

Mike with all due respect this is nonsense.

Trump lied. That was his entire campaign.

He can’t do any of the stuff he promised. OTOH the con movement has lied for years. Fully financed by a small number of 1% families (“think” tanks & their own media) they lie to get tax cuts.

His margin was 78,000 votes and she won the popular vote by 2.5M & counting. Take Comey away from this and get back to me.

Everyone is looking in the mirror and seeing what they want to see regarding this election. The secretive candidate was transparent and attacked by the MSM & con media relentlessly for it. Meanwhile the transparent candidate was completely opaque. 500 LLCs. Who holds his notes? Who profits? The MSM is a broken industry & feasts on hits & views. He was covered as entertainment, she on faux scandals.

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