It’s amazing how some of us still haven’t learned this lesson.
Chris Marchie

People don’t want candidates beholden to special interests. This isn’t delusion. I watched Bernie climb from 2% to giving Clinton a run for her money in the primary.

And here is the same bad info repeated about who donated to whom. This is according to FEC data, on

Sanders received donations from 246,313 individual donors. That is impressive.

Clinton received donations from 466,230 individual donors.

As far as the corporations donating, here is the law when a corporation is listed: The money came from the organizations’ PACs; their individual members, employees or owners; and those individuals’ immediate families. At the federal level, the organizations themselves did not donate, as they are prohibited by law from doing so.

Clinton list:

University of California
Alphabet Inc
Microsoft Corp
Harvard University
EMILY’s List
US Dept of State
Stanford University
Apple Inc
US Government
Morgan & Morgan
Columbia University
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Time Warner
Bank of America
New York University
Kaiser Permanente
Comcast Corp
Wells Fargo
Facebook Inc
Morgan Stanley

Sanders list:

Alphabet Inc
University of California
Microsoft Corp
US Postal Service
Apple Inc
US Dept of Veterans Affairs
Kaiser Permanente
IBM Corp
US Navy
Boeing Co
State of California
US Air Force
US Army
AT&T Inc
US Government
US Dept of Defense
Intel Corp
University of Washington

They are almost the same.