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“But it’s important to remember that the Democrats had both houses of Congress for two years, and didn’t do much with it other than try to play nice with a ruling class that wasn’t interested in finding compromise or common interests to more the country forward.”

Actually not true. How soon we forget. Actually, Obama only had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate (60) for about five months in that two years and the Republicans used the filibuster for every vote. You forget that Al Franken’s race in Minnesota was dragged out and he was not seated until July of 2009.

Then Ted Kennedy, who had been out ill, died in August and was not replaced until October by Paul Kirk, when was only in until February when the special election for Kennedy’s seat was won by Scott Brown (R).

So from when Obama took the oath in January until October, no 60 votes. So nothing got passed. They held up 82 of his appointees, and until then, 86 had been held up in the entire history of the US.

I make the point because it is important to factor in the unprecedented obstruction from Republicans, and they should not benefit from their shameful behavior.

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