Tell me, where do you come down on actual vote rigging? Here is some information I looked up:

So you believe that votes were rigged in the primaries but not the general election. Ok, one at a time.

If Clinton, the DNC or whatever entity rigged the primaries, it would have required the participation of 100s of people, mostly Republican governors and secretaries of state, poll workers, captains, etc. Why would they help Clinton? You said in another post that the Republicans wanted her to be the nominee so they could beat her. Why not humiliate her by having her lose to Sanders?

The many conspirators have kept their mouth shut all this time. Not one has landed in trouble and used their knowledge to get out that trouble.

OK, if they rigged the primaries, why didn’t they rig the general election? If they had the wherewithal, it seems pretty stupid.

I could not find that 2% stat on the State Dept. website. I did find a link referencing a pamphlet from 2001 about other countries. You mentioned Ukraine. Apples and Oranges.

The difference? Absentee ballots and early voting for primaries and the general election. If you don’t go to the poll or go two weeks before, you won’t be in the exit poll. That is why caucus states numbers are closer.

NPR had this stat:

This year, it could be nearly 4 in 10, with 37 states plus the District of Columbia allowing some form of early voting. (Some estimates say 34 percent and others go as high as 40 percent.)

That is basically my thoughts.

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