Counseling PhD Programs

A career as a Counseling PhD can be both rewarding and gratifying. Counseling PhD Programs will allow you to work with a wide range of clients and have the professional clout for which you have worked so hard. Professional counselors are usually licensed at the level of a Master’s degree. Some professionals choose to take their careers to an even higher level by studying at the doctoral level. The (CACREP), Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs —, contains a comprehensive list of the vast array of doctoral programs available.

CACREP Accredited PhD in Counseling Program:

For many who want to be professional counselors at the highest level, the doctoral degree proves to be the logical continuation of counseling studies that will propel them to the highest level of success. It’s important to remember that many counseling PhD programs require that applicants possess at least a Master’s degree in counseling or another related field before getting started.

The following paragraphs explain some of the effective routes one can pursue on the PhD in Counseling career path.

PhD Programs in Mental Health Counseling

The PhD in Mental Health Counseling allows you to specialize in a specific area of the field, giving you the chance to evolve into an expert within the clinical setting. Perhaps autism is the population that is your calling. You are able to choose a focus and develop your skills accordingly.

PhD Programs in Counselor Supervision and Education

Counselor supervision and education is an interesting path. The PhD level internship for this specialty usually includes hours spent supervising Master’s level candidates and teaching graduate level courses.

Sometimes educational requirements for counselor supervisors are set higher than those for counselors. A PhD in counselor supervision and education can be an opportunity to not only attain the highest degree level, but also lead and guide other leaders in the counseling field.

An additional possible benefit is moving into a secure faculty position while maintaining the option of conducting research within the counselor education field.

Pastoral Counseling PhD and PhD’s in Related Fields

For those who feel the calling, a Master’s level practitioner can pursue a PhD degree in counseling and pastoral care, or pastoral counseling. This spiritual path toward counseling has proven satisfying to many who have chosen it; and there are clients who prefer to only see pastoral-based therapists.


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