The Inhumanity of Dating in 2017
Dexter Mlimwengu

I’ve been saying this for a while now. We’re not living in the same world our parents lived in. Particularly when it comes to the possibility of infidelity. Before to have spark and progress an outside relationship people had to physically meet and exchange, experience each other. Today 10 men or women could be infiltrating your relationship with your significant other siting right next to you. Inquiring about it is considered insecure and weak. And being considered insecure is a major turn off to your S/O even when there is good reason to be. Arrangements can be made easily that slip right in between the cracks of awareness. Some people think it’s okay to entertain flirting and mutual attraction as long as nothing comes out of it but all there needs to be is a single period where the relationship is weakened, which is inevitable because no relationship is perfect, to make that other person’s prospects become a lot more attractive/ irresistible. I just don’t know if having a serious meaningful relationship is plausible for a lot of people anymore.

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