Ciliwung River Project

The Ciliwung River flows 120 kilometers from Bogor in West Java to the ocean. It is one of the biggest rivers flowing through Jakarta. The river is heavily polluted with trash and wastewater from millions of households and industrial plants.Flood has become an ordinary situation for people around ciliwung river, when heavy rain happen there will be flood at the area.

Jakarta government have already running the act for river “normalization” project aims to widen the waterway and add greenery on both sides to reduce runoff that causes flooding and contamination. The project begins since 2013 by destroying houses that was built illegally surrounding the river.

Beside the resident that narrowed the river and contaminated garbage, the water capacity at the river becoming huge because of lessen reservation area at upstream area of the river in Bogor and Depok. A lot of houses and villas built there making the trees that usually absorb the water when heavy rain happening is not working.

I’ve been documenting the project for oever two years by my own pocket. I want to make book regarding this project and will doing road show on educating people to gain awareness for people not throw garbage to the river, planting more trees around the river, stopping build houses and more villas on upstream area in Bogor, and give the river space to breath by not building houses again around the river.

I don’t know when the “dirty” ciliwung river becoming clean again and not causing flood again, but I believe that someday this is will happen, by continuing documenting Ciliwung River activity I belief I can give something to the nature with my work.

Donal Husni

Ciliwung River Project

Lets Make Ciliwung Clean Again

Rough Estimation Expense :

Transportation from Upstream Area of The River in Bogor for a month : Rp. 3000,000

Meal and Stay on several area of the river : Rp. 6.000,000

Book Production (arround 1000 for first pritn ) : Rp. 50,000,000

Road Show for a month to University, School, and Resident for 3 months : Rp. 30,0000,000