The Reason Challenge 2017

Reason 1.0 turned my world around when it was released in the year 2000. Since then I have been an avid (rabid?) fan.

When they were hiring an network engineer for a 6-month contract to cover one of their employee’s leave of absence, I even schemed with my Swedish friend to take the interview for me (being fluent in Swedish was the only job qualification I lacked).

I acquired version after version of the software, but (1) never mastered the software and (2) never created all the music.

So here begins “The Reason Challenge 2017.”

The goal of this is to create the habit of effectively working and learning, a little bit a time, to be proficient in music production with Reason (specifically version 9.2).

  • Each day, for 30 days, spend 15 minutes working within Reason.
  • Each day must end with a song, clip, sample, or something created with Reason and uploaded to Soundcloud as an audio file.

Here’s my first foray, May 12th — a simple trumpet fanfare: