Why you should know Gary Vaynerchuk?

People want and need connection.
Even if there are more cellphones than people, people are still connecting.
The only difference is how they are connecting on social media. No one can deny the fact that people are using social media more than ever.
If you want to be heard and noticed in this busy world, you can get the attention you want on social because the cellphone has clearly become the television. 
The question on your mind is probably how? How do I connect with people online whether it be for someone starting out in building their business, scaling their business, or just finding a job. 
This week’s topic is connecting online from the book “Jab, Jab, Right Hook’ by Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of Vaynermedia with a massive following on social, then Stephen M. Covey on the ‘Speed of Trust’ with the ‘Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Joseph Schwartz.
Before you can understand how Gary Vaynerchuk has built his massive following online and started his company Vaynermedia, the ‘Speed of Trust’ by Stephen M. Covey can help outline some tangible steps for connecting online. 
You will often judge others by their behaviour and judge yourself on your intent. This should be the other way around, where you should judge yourself on your behaviour, what you actually do, and for others on their intent.
The way to do this is to think the best of someone by giving them the benefit of the doubt. This is not only for people you know, but how about people you do not know. This applies to society as a whole. Building societal trust is striking because giving back to those around you will give you the respect of society as a whole. This is how Gary Vaynerchuk delivers his content online, he shares his day to day on how he delivers content, how he runs meetings and ultimately how he has built his personal brand. 
This is why he has the results he has because the more trust you have built, the faster the results.

This is how he connects with his audience on social and in person, but how about his own team?
You will see how Gary Vee will consistently bring his team into his day to day even on his social media accounts. It was impressive when he left for vacation and his team hacked into his accounts. They must care a lot about him to help him continue engagement while he was away. This is the type of team he has built around him, he cares massively for them and in turn they do the same. 
This is what the “Magic of Thinking Big” speaks about when understanding the most important asset to you is actually believing in what you have set out to do. The vast majority of people who watch Gary Vaynerchuk can probably agree to this- how much he actually believes in himself- sometimes almost so much that it overwhelms you. 
How you can start by believing in what you are capable of? learn something new whenever you can.
This is why I wake up every morning to read from at least 3–5 books, which I connect on a topic that I learn from but then I can share with others as well. 
Finally, who else to learn from than Gary Vaynerchuk for connecting online?
Simply put, be true to who you are and share your story, but differently depending on which social media platform- Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram. What I can takeaway is how I started sharing my story on Facebook. I shared that I had left my job and wanted to grow elsewhere. Then people started connecting with me that I had lost touch with for years. Now this is how my audience started. I focused on those that were already paying attention and listening online.
In summary on connecting online,
McConvey: The more trust you build with people, the faster results will follow. Building trust with everyone, even with society as a whole because you can gain the respect you might just need later on. Building societal trust will lead to faster results- this can be applied to the online world where society also lives. 
Schwartz: Having the mindset of believing in yourself first by learning everyday. This will help you be better everyday which will help you drive forward in person and online.
Vaynerchuk: Tell your story in a way to help others, but know which platform to use in sharing your story. Once you build trust with people, continue to give and when you ask for help, for a sell, there’s no doubt they will help you out. Use different mediums to connect online, but share it online.
The question of the day, who do you agree with most in understanding how to connect to anyone online?
Be energized,