How DonateBitcoin is Connecting 1.5M Charities to Bitcoin Donors

Blockchain technologies have received a black eye as a result of transactions that are associated with less than desirable activities. It is imperative that we continue to drive transactions toward the activities that make our world a better place and empower everyone to get involved for the greater good. Here at DonateBitcoin we have been working on a solution that will help to position bitcoin in a positive light. One of the highest forms of good that we can use our currency for is charitable giving. Imagine hearing that people around the world are donating to charities they care about through bitcoin.

DonateBitcoin is currently the only solution linking bitcoin and generous donors. The vision was to create a website that allows bitcoin holders to easily donate to any charity in the United States. We are glad to announce that this vision has become a reality with DonateBitcoin.

We have partnered with MakeMyDonation, a donation processor for tech startups trusted by over 200 developers. When a user makes a bitcoin donation, it’s sent to MMD through Stripe (Donations are instantly converted into USD to prevent volatility). They mail out a check containing the amount of the bitcoin donation minus a nominal fee. We have also partnered with OrgHunter, their API provides a database of 1.5 million charities that are eligible for donations. They provide charity vetting to confirm that each charity is in good standing with the IRS.

Our friends at MakeMyDonation have taught us that a large percentage of charities don’t even have a web presence. If they don’t have a web presence then it would be a far stretch to believe they have a bitcoin wallet with which they can accept donations. These charities are missing out on a community which contains an estimated 3.3 million users. On the other hand, charities that do have a web presence can easily create their own bitcoin button with our embed code generator.

Together we can position cryptocurrency in a more positive light.

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