IGNITE TOURNAMENT: The world’s first play-to-earn esports tournament organization and streaming app

Ignite tournament is the world’s first play-to-earn esports tournament organization and streaming app which gives gamers the power to organize their own tournaments for any mobile-compatible game, farm cryptocurrency, and win NFTs that they can trade directly in the Ignite Tournaments mobile app.

Built on Moonbeam within the Polkadot ecosystem, gamers will be able to enjoy Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility, blazing fast transaction speeds, low transaction fees, and cross-chain interoperability which will enable the seamless transfer of assets across multiple blockchains.

With mobile-compatible play-to-earn games, Ignite Tournaments adds a second layer of play-to-earn tournament functionality. Farm $TENKA and win NFTs while simultaneously earning in other play-to-earn games.

Instead of paying to play, gamers around the world can now play-to-earn in their favorite mobile games by using Ignite Tournaments to organize an esports tournament right on their phones.

Unique Features of Ignite Tournaments

  • Functionality to organize an esports tournament anywhere in the world for any mobile-compatible skill-based game
  • Streaming, social networking, native chat functionality
  • On-chain NFT prize generation for each tournament
  • Staking $TENKA on-chain in tournament prize pools and farming more $TENKA for the entire duration of the tournament. Regardless of who wins or loses, everyone will earn the $TENKA that they farm during the tournament.
  • NFT marketplace
  • Guild creation, management, and tournament functionality
  • Anti-cheat / anti-bot prevention via tournament result verification
  • Automated match adjudication and pay-outs in games via direct game integration
  • EVM-compatible
  • Token governance via DAO

The Ignite Tournaments mobile application is a game-agnostic platform that supports any game that meets the following criteria:

1. Skill-based

2. Mobile-compatible

3. Non-pornographic

Instead of paying to play, gamers around the world can now play-to-earn in their favorite mobile games by using Ignite Tournaments to organize an esports tournament right on their phones.

Not only can you easily organize a tournament using the Ignite Tournaments mobile app, you can also win NFTs and farm our native utility and governance token, $TENKA, as you compete in tournaments anywhere in the world.


The native cryptographically-secured fungible protocol token of Ignite Tournaments (ticker symbol TENKA) is a transferable representation of attributed governance and utility functions specified in the protocol/code of Ignite Tournaments, and is the main driving force behind Ignite Tournament’s digital economy.

TENKA token is a digital asset that will initially be available to purchase via an Initial Exchange/DEX Offering. Over time, it will be also listed on selected Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs).

Token type: ERC-20 (Moonbeam / Moonriver)

Network: Moonbeam / Moonriver

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (hard cap)

Role of the token: Utility, Governance, Value Transfer

In general, TENKA token will be used as:

  • Means of utility with the TENKA ecosystem
  • Means of rewards distribution
  • Means for governance
  • Treasury and reserves
  • Liquidity


Phase 1: 2H2021

  • Begin Mobile App Alpha Registration
  • Release white paper

Phase 2: 1H2022

  • Launch Mobile App Alpha — Private Test
  • Build DeFi partnerships
  • Build gaming / play2earn partnerships
  • Launch Token
  • Launch DeFi incentives/rewards
  • Mobile App Beta Launch — Public Test
  • Establish full prizing system
  • Integrate third party fiat on-ramp / off-ramps
  • On-chain NFT generation
  • Launch NFTs on EVM-compatible marketplaces
  • Launch DAO

Phase 3: 2H2022

  • Launch Ignite Tournaments 1.0
  • Streaming functionality live
  • Launch full Ignite Tournaments NFT Marketplace
  • Release NFT self-minting
  • Integrate oracle for automated match adjudication
  • Begin manual game integration
  • Integrate tipping feature

Phase 4: 1H2023

  • Perform multi-chain deployment
  • Release Gamer Token features
  • Scale up B2B partnerships
  • Scale up B2C marketing channels, ad networks, and partners

Phase 5: 2H2023

  • Release Ignite Tournaments SDK for game publisher self-integration
  • Release NFT forging / level-up system
  • Release broader ecosystem rewards

Phase 6: 1H2024

  • Fully decentralize DAO
  • Begin side-betting platform development
  • Continue ongoing development


Krystal Yang, CEO & Co-Founder, hails from the esports event management space. Before founding Ignite, she was CEO of SE Gaming — an esports event management and consulting company that she took from concept to $3m ARR in 18 months. Prior to SE Gaming, Krystal was a senior consultant for Sync Exchange. She worked with buyers and sellers of music for use in visual and interactive media, and contributed to popularizing KPOP in the United States. Krystal was ranked the world’s number one Final Fantasy defensive player on the pro circuit between 2017–2019.

Tony Chen, COO & Co-Founder, is a biotech entrepreneur who has bootstrapped PrimeVax immunotherapy venture for late-stage cancer patients over the last 7 years. Tony is no stranger to IP management, given his work with a portfolio of drugs in his previous venture. With this experience, he has set out to patent Ignite Tournaments organization and streaming platform.

Ignite Tournaments is here to revolutionize mobile gaming with play-to-earn tournaments.

For more information, visit:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord



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