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It never ceases to amaze me how gays want to obliterate heterosexuality. To them, everyone should be transgender, homosexual, or, at very least, bisexual. Bodies now, apparently, should be masked in tattoos and piercings. They condemn virtually everything in the past, calling it racist, misogynist or bigoted. And yet, when I look at Craigslist, even in the roommate ads, half of the time when gay men advertise, they are either butt naked or posed with Speedos with erections. Should it be considered sad that straight men do not post the same? There are no straight pride parades. God forbid that heterosexuals might try to take back rainbows or the color purple. The word gay once meant happy. Now, it seem to mean angry and discontent. LGB, which then added T has now added Q for questioning. I too am questioning whether the LGBTQ movement has gone too far, treading that says that being gay is the norm and being straight is queer. The LGBTQ movement now recognises 33 sexual identies, this up from the rest of us, who have only recognized 5. As for the rest, Krafft-Ebing might have agreed somewhat; Chandler Bing, not so much I should think.

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