Here is 3 best websites that teach JavaScript & web development and why i consider them as the best

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It’s nearly 3 year that i started to learn JavaScript and web development and i found that it’s really difficult for a beginner to found the best resources that teach to code well , most of websites and books are really great but people with zero experience can found them very complicated.

The problem of most of books and websites.

Most of people who write courses about programming have great and long experience, then when they create courses or write books, they often do that to show a new way of understanding the programming language they teach , many of that books are designed for someone with little experience in programming.

As beginner we often looking for something that can explain us programming in our common language, in a common words.

There are also several platform that are very good for beginners, but unfortunately most of them are not free, so when we are used to seeing all things free on Internet and for the fear of the unknown activities, most of beginners find that it is not possible to pay for anything that can be retrieved free on the Internet.

So i decide to tell you about some great websites that have a good courses about JavaScript, web development and programming for beginners or someone with little experience and who wants to learn more. I’ll tell you about 3 websites that i think are really really great for teaching to code.

For me this website is one of the best for teaching real beginners to code. They have a very good journey on languages like Java, Python, Swift, C# and JavaScript. They also have great courses about Design and Digital Marketing.

This website are in French, English and Spanish.

This website are really great if you are interested in web development. They have great courses on all important things you need to know before to call yourself a web developer. The wonderful thing that i found at freecodecamp is their community and project.


This website is really great because of it simplicity it is very easy to learn, all you need is a terminal and a text editor and Nodejs. The wonderful thing with NodeSchool is that after installation of the module course, you can study offline. The little problem with NodeSchool is that it require to have small knowledge on how terminal, npm and nodejs work. So i suggest it for people with little experience in JavaScript.

My suggestions

My suggestions to anyone who want to learn JavaScript and web development is to use all these websites. If you’re really a beginner without any experience, i suggest to use openclassrooms .

Openclassrooms are great for many language like Java, Python, Swift but for web development with JavaScript we have the feeling that their courses are not enough.

So when you acquired a little experience in JavaScript, that mean when you know what coders do, what is programming, what text editor do, when you know how programming language work , when you know how to code with JavaScript but you fell that you’re not good enough to do a something great i suggest use freecodecamp.

And when you fell that you want to do more i suggest to use NodeSchool

Finally I will say that websites that teach code are like colors, they are subjective i.e everyone can have his or her personal opinion on the subject, me what I listed is my personal opinion compared to my personal experience on all websites i used. If you know a very good website that teach to code you can tell us in the comments.

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