in the First 100 Days and Beyond
Joshunda Sanders

Well change is not always good. But changing from an administration that bragged for 8 years it violated our constitution and laws while addressing congress and getting away with it, is a good change. While free dialog seems to be something the Democrat supporters seem to focus their venom on with violence free exchange of thoughts is a dead issue if that is allowed to continue. Trump has kept his promises that congress has allowed him to keep. Something that the previous administration never did. It promised to be the most open administration ever and it certainly was not. Another difference was the Obama administration destroyed a nation giving congress no reason and only congress can declare war but Obama did so unilaterally enlisting European countries into the fray. That took the responsibility away from him and far too many of us agreed or kept silent.

Now Trump has begun to restore states rights back to the states. At that point if the citizens of a state want anarchy they can have it. But Each state will control its own environment and social structure without federal interference. And that is constitutional.

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